Work From home Success while eating porridge

Today I will write about work at home success and what I personally do when I write my daily blog posts in my Billabong shorts… And Yes! In nothing but a shorts I write my Work at home success blog posts as I steer at my amazing view with my son eating a fresh bread or porridge filled with amazing fresh fruits..

I love the mornings with my son we have fun while we have breakfast. He laughs and has an amazing smile. Doesn’t he?work at home success

Here at the picture he is eating his favourite yogurt that he loves so much while I have my breakfast coffee. I remember while I wrote blog posts when he was only 7 or 8 months old and crawling away besides me when I was looking for Work at home success opportunities.

Work from home Success While I was at the hospital.

work at home successThis date I will never forget  16.06.2012 while I actually was writing my work at home success blog post my girlfriend ran into the living room all frustrated and happy at the same time. This was the day my 2nd son Mikael came to the world a beautiful day and he is so cute.

He cant stop smiling and giving the nicest giggles love those two. So if you are still wondering my why for work at home success is then its definitely my family. My two sons and girlfriend gives me so much support, love and strenght to keep on succeeding in life.

So what about my wife and the work at home  support? You might think right?

work at home success

Well she gives me the support I need and the amazing love I need.

She gives me all the support I need in my work at home  business and in life. I love her so much. She is amazing and has the greatest laughter that I seriously love so much.

Natalie is her name and I am so grateful for you and my two sons we have got together.

So what about some work from home success tips?

Well there is many work at home success opportunities and yes you can actually make a full income with allot of work at home success opportunities.


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