Profitclicking Scam Now adclick x press – Is it a scam ?

Earn Commissions as a ProfitClicking Independent Business Owner (IBO)

When you become a Profit Clicking IBO Member, you allow us to pay you an average of 2% daily commissions by simply helping us drive traffic to our retail customer’s websites.

How does Profitclicking work?

Profit Clicking starts you with $10 and 1000 visitors allowing you to buy your first Ad Package. 

The number of Ad packages you have combined with other money generation packages determines the amount of commissions you will receive daily.

Your commissions are released by simply keeping a minimum level of website views in your traffic exchange reserve account. Making money has never been so easy!

Earn Big Commissions By Sharing Profitclicking

One of the many factors that sets ProfitClicking apart is the fact that you don’t have to share this with everyone you know to earn money. We have no lotions, potions, gizmo’s or gadgets that you have to sell to your friends and family.

We have all experienced this with other companies, however, its time to step into the best! We believe that with something as amazing as ProfitClicking, people will share it because they are excited and want the people they know, love and trust to experience the same excitement.

If you agree, then hang on to your seats because you can generate a serious additional income when you share the ProfitClicking Opportunity! Use one of our many sources to share your Profit Clicking business, from your replicated websites to the creative and beautiful advertisements that link directly to your referral address.

No matter how you choose to market your business, you will earn 10% from your direct referral’s Ad Package Purchases and 5% from the purchases made by people they refer. Sharing has never been more profitable.

Profitclicking scam claims. Are they actually true?

Well I have been in justbeenpaid the mother company and I was quite affraid the fun was over. But I stayed inside profitclicking to see if it worked and it did. After a while I tried to withdraw $20.00 to a authorized payza account.

And as I thought after the promissed 10 days I got a you got payd notice email. Have a look below.

As you see above profitclicking scam claims are not true

Now adclick x press

Basically, You Receive an average of 2% Commission per day! No sponsoring Requirements. Receive Your Easily-Earned Money Promptly! This may be one of the easiest and best ways to earn money you’ve ever seen!

How Can You Pay so much in Commissions in profitclicking?

ProfitClicking, as well as our Global Holdings Parent Company, offers many online products and services.
We need participants to drive traffic to our client’s websites.
This traffic generation process is very valuable to our clients because it increases Search Engine Placement for them.
With increased traffic generation, increased sales simply happen! Here at ProfitClicking we understand the value of our Independent Business Owner’s participation in this process.
We, therefore, pay a portion of all retail sales to the referrers who invited them into the system. Millions Strong, just can’t be wrong! Ranked in the top 1% of all websites worldwide we know how to get results! Profitclicking is the answer.

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