Law of Attraction- How to Apply it in Your Business

So, you are working with sales, or perhaps you would like more clients or to beef up your success rate by applying law of attraction. Or sell more of your products and services. Using law of attraction in your business can make a huge difference in your success rate, actually allowing you to sail through sales and having a great income and success. But what if you are already using law of attraction in your business but not getting the results you want?

Law of attraction – The 10 questions business owners might have .

1. Are you clear about what you want?
2. Do you know what your goals are?
3. Have you created focused, goal specific affirmations?
4. Are your affirmations in present tense?
5. Are your affirmations believable? Do they resonate with you?
6. Do you take time throughout your day to appreciate the little successes?
7. Do you have an attitude of gratitude?
8. Do you visualize your goals daily?
9. Are you taking action on subtle insights sent through inspiration?
10. Have you consulted or worked with a law of attraction practitioner?

 Let me explain law of attraction

law of attractionIf you answer no to any of these or are in doubt whether or not they apply to you, you will continue having difficulty in manifesting your goals using law of attraction in your business. Let me briefly explain.

1. In order to begin to attract people into your business , you will have to first be totally CLEAR about what it is you DO NOT want. Then, and only THEN, can you decide what it is that you truly DO want for your business.

2. If your business goals are not clearly defined, it will be nearly impossible to meet the outcome you wish. I have my clients define SMART goals. These goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed. Check your goals and see if they “measure up” to a SMART goal. So, are you working with SMART goals?

3. When using law of attraction in business, if your affirmations are vague or general in nature, how do you expect the results to be what you want? By making your goals specific (using SMART goals), you will also be able to make your affirmations specific as well and enjoy greater success.

4. If your affirmations are not in the present tense, you leave yourself open for continued lack. By stating “I enjoy easily and consistently earning $5,000 or more each month” you not only state your wish in a present and positive way but also increase your vibrations in the process – very powerful!

5. Many people fail because they shoot for the moon with their affirmations. This causes subconscious doubt which in turn creates resistance. Make your first goals more achievable while still being a bit outside your current comfort zone.
6. When you celebrate the little success, such as a phone call from someone asking about your products or services, you open the universal door for more, bigger and better business experiences and successes. You also increase your vibrations by viewing the caller as someone who now knows more about you and may, in turn, make a future buy or refer others to you.

Be grateful when you apply law of attraction

7. By being grateful for all you have, even the little things like your phone ringing, you set the stage for more to come into your life to be grateful for. 8. Visualization is powerful and I urge visualization daily. Allow yourself to indulge in about 10 – 15 minutes of seeing yourself meet your goals. Feel how wonderful it is. The more you visualize, the higher your vibrations and the quicker you will meet your desires. 9. Often it is the little things that pass us by. Do you ever get a gut feeling? Has a friend or colleague mentioned a product, service or tactic? Your gut will be key to whether something is right for you and your business. By paying attention to the little suggestions, offers, etc. you may take advantage of something which you have attracted to your business that will speed up the manifestation of your goals. Your gut will tell you whether the action you are taking is inspired or fear based. Inspired actions will propel you quickly toward goal achievement.   10. Working with a certified law of attraction practitioner like myself. I can enable you to quickly resolve blocks and limiting beliefs, release resistance, and use the law of attraction more successfully and consistently.
Using law of attraction in businesses is easy when you understand the basics of how to apply it. Most sources preach the same techniques and tools. However, the number one reason people still fail to manifest their desires, deals with the basis of the desire itself when applying law of attraction. Law of Attraction

Law of attraction

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