About Anders Dakin:

My name is Anders Dakin has worked as an Internet Marketing consultant and mentor for several years now and helps on a daily basis a lot of small business opportunity seekers  in Online Marketing.

I have been a marketing mentor for several years and know which programs are scams and of course also the ones that work outstanding.

I come  from Norway and as you can see I`m able to spend all my free time with my beautiful son and girlfriend that I love so much.. I was only 13 years old, when I signed up for my first affiliate program.

At that time I didn’t know anything about marketing or what to do or say to be a online marketer.

Been so young and inexperienced I was so happy. I was going to earn bigger amounts of money, of course it did not work out that way. I simply did not  have the skills or the right training.

Today, my goal is to be a marketing mentor that fills people’s needs, knowing that when you succeed I become happy and more successful too.

Over the years, I have talked to a lot of fellow marketers and learned from all the best leaders in the industry.

The training platform I used to succeed online is called myleadsystempro.

This company offers all the training you need to succeed and gets you to be a alpha leader.about anders dakin

Before I started to work full time online, I had been into several different varieties of jobs I started in a kitchen as a chef and worked in a italian restaurant.

I liked it at first but I always had the feeling that I would`nt survive in the kitchen long.

I got tired of the career and started in a shop and after 6 months i got a question if I wanted to step in and work as a manager and of course I said yes.

Here I worked for 5 years and by time I found out this was not for me.

I kept on working here and I started again to try mlm online and started mlsp training.

This got me enough skills and knowledge to survive online.

The best way to achieve search engine traffic is by focusing on keywords.

As a marketing mentor, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies that miss this very important step.

Achieving top search engine rankings is largely based on the competitiveness of the keyword phrase you are trying to optimize for. If your competitor is in the top spot with a well entrenched web site, then your chances of out ranking him may be limited.

Then dominating a keyword phrase that doesn’t have strong competition, you need to find terms that are frequently searched on.

I recently finished a marketing mentor assignment for a foundation trying to optimize their website.

They had top rankings for a keyword term that seemed to be somewhat desirable.

However, keyword research proved that the term received less than 100 searches per month.

As a result, top rankings for this keyword phrase were nearly meaningless. Once you have found a keyword phrase that isn’t too competitive and receives an adequate number of monthly searches, the next step is to thoroughly check out your competition.

Google the keyword phrases you want to dominate threw google keyword tool.

This indicates the strength of those web sites relative to their search engine ranking.

The more links, the more difficult it will be to rank higher than they do without aboutsome type of sustained link building campaign.

After doing your research and confirming your choice of keywords and keyword phrases, it’s time to focus on improving your web pages around the keywords you’ve selected.

Enhance your meta tags, titles, and web copy to include your keyword phrases.

This helps to tell the search engines what your web site is about so it can rank your site appropriately. In addition to the on page factors, Google weighs off page factors to determine web site ranking.

Your marketing plan should include daily, weekly and monthly tasks that can attract links from authority websites consistently over time.

Your goal should not be to generate thousands of inbound links quickly because Google will penalize your website. Keep your focus on link building to sites with good traffic.

If you want to improve your search engine ranks, begin with keyword research.

By selecting the right keywords, you’ll be able to optimize your website more quickly than your competitors.

When you have the right keywords, focus on integrating your chosen keywords into your web site.

Then you’re ready for link building and other off page optimization tactics that positively improves your ranking.



Author: Anders Dakin